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To my MBA/MGM students in Belgium, London, and Beijing

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Note that some of the links in the book "Taking Sound Business Decisions" are temporarily down due to problems with the OR-AS server. You can download the following documents here:

  1. All examples shown in the book (some of them discussed in class): File TSBD_Examples.
  2. Four additional LP examples (zipped files): File LP_problems.
  3. Four additional IP examples (zipped files): File LP_problems.


To my UCL students in London

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Out now: My first business novel (about managing projects under risk)

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  1. First business novel published by Apress. Find info here
  2. New book published by Springer. Find info here.
  3. Any student interested in the Project Management course details? You can freely download 5 papers: 1, 23, 4, 5.
  4. Why should you choose our Master in Operations Management? Get the answer here!
  5. Interested in Project Management: Look at this new vacancy here.
  6. Two new books on Project Management are available (April 2014): A book published by Springer and a free online book.
  7. Learn more about the topics (research and teaching) at the OR&S group and join us: Download the free paper.
  8. Message to all our last year Business Engineering students (Deadline Nov 5, 2013): What have Beer, Operations Research and Logistics in common? Find out here
  9. Project Management and Operations Research by and for students and professionals: ORASTalks goes mobile
  10. Battle of Talents open for all students. Find more information here.
  11. Great event at PMI Belgium with excellent presentation of our six students. More info and pictures here. Well done.
  12. The winners of the PMI University Contest will present their work at the PMI Belgium chapter event on 06/06/2013. Be there!
  13. Research at OR&S: A summary of the results between 1998 - 2013 available here.
  14. Vacancy (in Dutch) for researchers - Second call.
  15. Summer School Economics of Electricity Markets: Students Business Engineering are welcome! 
  16. Student Startup 2013 op 2 mei 2013 in Leuven: Info vind je hier of registratie kan gebeuren via www.studentstartup.be.
  17. EVM Europe 2012 is now finished. Next year, EVM Europe 2013 will be held in Ghent (Belgium)


This website displays activities done at the Operations Research and Scheduling (OR&S) Research group of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Ghent University (Belgium). Most of the activities are done in collaboration with Vlerick Business School and other international universities and with partners such as OR-AS, PMI-Belgium, EVM-Europe, and others. 

As the URL name suggests, we have a main focus on everything that is related to Project Management. However, our research activities have a much broader focus than solely Project Management. Whatever the research topic is, we always approach a problem from an Operations Research point-of-view, and we focus very much on Scheduling problems (hence, the OR&S research group), such as project scheduling, personnel scheduling, machine scheduling, etc..

Enjoy browsing our website, and feel free to send an email for further questions, comments, remarks, etc…

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