Project Data

Project data

Project data can be generated using data generators or collected by students, PM professionals and other people. Both only serve one goal: better understand the drivers of project performance and success and improve the project management best practices. This website serves as the central portal of project data for researchers and professionals, and consists of the following links:

  • Data: A summary of all the project data, both artificial and empirical, is given in the paper "An overview of project data for integrated project management and control".
  • Solutions: A new software tool to analyse, share and upload best known solutions for the datasets is available to researchers and discussed in the paper "Testing and validating algorithms for resource-constrained project scheduling"

All of our research on project data can be accessed by clicking on the relevant links below. In case you need help, mail us here.

The data

The project data is divided in two separate classes: The artificial project data consist of several subsets generated by different network generators, while the set with empirical project data is - to the best of our knowledge - the only set with real project instances that is publicly available. By clicking on the relevant links below, you will also be able to download network generators RanGen1 and RanGen2 (artificial project data) as well as an MS Excel file with an overview of all data. 




or download the summary paper and the overview MS Excel file.

The solutions

We have developed a new tool "SolutionsUpdate" to download and upload solutions for the resource-constrained project scheduling problem using all datasets described above. The system is explained in the paper "Testing and validating algorithms for resource-constrained project scheduling" and the executable to validate and upload new solutions. Click on the link below to visit the website: